Doghouse Rules: For the safety of all of our guest

  1. Dogs must be on a 6’ or shorter leash or in carriers at all times and under the control of an adult.

  2. Pets are not to be left unattended at any time.

  3. Please notify us if a mess has been made so we can mop up to prevent slip hazards.

  4. For health and safety reasons, we recommend that puppies be over 4 months of age, with all their puppy shots, before you bring them to the shop.

  5. Disruptive and/or aggressive dogs may be asked to leave, at management’s discretion. You may make an appointment to come back before or after regular business hours.

  6. Children 16 years old and younger must be attended by and under the supervision of a parent or responsible adult at all times.

  7. Please be courteous to our neighbors and clean up after your dogs messes outside. We offer plastic bags at no charge. Please use them.

  8. We want this to be a fun, yet safe atmosphere for all dogs and their people! Play nice and get clean!